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Dance of Meltem (Breeze)

It took me quite a while to sit down for painting after the devastating earthquake in Turkiye. With the shock and deep sadness in my heart my brush strokes were not as delicate and precise as they used to be. So I put the painting aside and waited till I felt somewhat normal again. It always surprises me to see how my brush strokes are just a reflection of my mood. And it even amazes me more to think of artists of ancient times skilled with the most delicate craftmanship who performed with a profound understanding of nature and left behind mesmerizing beauty.

Titled "Dance of Meltem -meltem means gentle breeze from the sea.- this painting is about dancing lacy wild carrots, accompanied with mingled golden cistus and lavandula living a simple life by the blue sea with golden ripples. Reminiscent of a happy moment from last year.

There is lots of gold in this work. It has about 2 grams of gold, both 22 carat gold and white gold as we call platinum in Turkish. I must admit there is something very alluring about gold which you don't get with fake ones. It is very pleasing to the eyes. One can easily keep gazing at it effortlessly for a while. It is soothing, enlivening, and healing the soul. It is gratifying as well and feels like an auspicious omen.

I would like to say a few words about my favorite color, the firuzeh pigment or turquoise stone pigment which covers the border all along the outer edge of the painting. My grandmother had a firuzeh pendent made for me when I was a small child, which I still have and wear occasionally. The stone is believed to be a protector from from negative influences. According to Wikipedia "The word turquoise dates to the 17th century and is derived from the Old French turquois meaning "Turkish" because the mineral was first brought to Europe through the Ottoman Empire." This sacred stone of ancient Persia was a symbol of heaven on earth.

Above pictures from are firuze stones from a mine in Iran. On the page it says: "Turquoise is an opaque, blue to green gem material that has been worn, used, and appreciated by different civilizations for thousands of years. Originally called piruzeh in Persian, the gem has spiritual value in Persian culture is such that its name carries the meanings of victory, triumph, and prosperity."

May tokens of heaven on earth bring victory, triumph to healing and prosperity. May the herbs and stones of Mother Earth heal the traumatized people near and far.

Queen Anne's Lace

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