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I am Burcu, an artist, designer interested in traditional arts of Islamic world and Indian-Vedic culture; inspired especially by Mughal and Karamemi florals. Focusing on gardens and landscapes I create miniature paintings with a modern touch.



Born to architect parents,; from the age of seven Burcu took private art classes from Aysel Çırpanlı, an esteemed artist in Izmir, for ten years. After graduating from American Collegiate Institute (ACI) her education in Landscape Architecture at Ege University began. From there she graduated with honors degree and received her BLA diploma. She was accepted to Harvard University's Design School for the Masters in Landscape Architecture program which she never attended. Instead she went to Maharishi International University in USA where she obtained her MA in sculpture. During her studies she was introduced to Vedic Sciences such as Sthapatya Veda, Ayurveda, and Research in Consciousness.


Due to her growing interest in traditional Turkish art practices, after returning home she started to attend classes offered by Memnune Birkan, one of the most important 'tezhip' artists of Ankara and Turkiye. in general. Later, in 2017 she took an advanced aromatherapy course in Holland in a very special setting which inspired her to start painting again but this time applying traditional miniature painting techniques in her own way.


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