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© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci

Sun Salutation

Gouache and 22 Carat Gold on Acidfree Cardboard Contemporary Miniature Painting

50X60cm (Inclusive of trim)

On a peaceful morning, a flock of pelicans glide above fluffy pink clouds lit by the golden rays of the Sun hidden behind.

There are only three people at the beach, two sisters and a man. One of the sisters and the man on his paddle board stand still to capture the tranquility of the moment with their mobiles.

Sun lit small golden fish peak out from the turquoise ocean to say hi as the other sister performs her morning yoga; suryanamaskar. 

(Same size limited edition museum quality prints are available.) 

For inquiries please email.

© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci
© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci


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