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© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci


Gouache and 22 Carat Gold on Acidfree Cardboard Contemporary Miniature Painting

46X46cm (Inclusive of trim)

Two friends once used to enjoy conversing with each other are standing apart in two different gardens, each one in her own world. Irises are favorite flowers of the friend in blue. As they walk ahead they both gaze back at each other with affection. 

A row of cypress trees adorned by a flowering tree is reminiscent of Karamemi, the great artist depicting the love of plants and flowers of the 16th century Ottoman Empire. 

A garden is the best setting for sweet muhabbet (friendly conversations).


(Same size limited edition museum quality prints are available.) 

For inquiries please email.

© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci


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