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Majestic Magnolia and Meenakshi

Shell Pigments and White Gouache with 22 Carat Gold on Acidfree Passepartout

Contemporary Miniature Painting

56X66cm (Inclusive of trim)

The setting sun lays its rays with a golden touch over the Culture Park, a random afternoon turns into a day of surprise with the strike of Meenakshi mudra against the majestic Magnolia tree. Only a few curious looks are able to witness the rare moment of honoring in grace. Suddenly the sprinklers go on and the bird resting over the pool surrounded by marigolds quickly takes off.  

Note: Meenakshi mudra is a hand gesture representing bird in South Indian dance, Bharata Natyam.


(Same size limited edition museum quality prints are available.) 

For inquiries please email.

© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci
© Copyright 2019 Burcu Çenberci


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