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For the Love of Immortelle, Cistus and Lavandin of Ayvalık

Gouache and 22 ct gold contemporary miniature painting on acidfree cardboard
'Immortelle' 27X38.5cm (exclusive of white trims) Gouache and 22 ct gold on acidfree cardboard

New Painting is out on my Instagram account!

My new painting is about appreciating and revealing the beauty of healing aromatic plants of Ayvalık. A small beach town on the Aegean Coast line, very dear to my heart became even more precious when I learned about the healing properties of its maquis plants during the aromatherapy courses I took.

Gouache and 22 ct gold contemporary miniature painting
A couple investigating and collecting aromatic plants.

Collecting flowers in a Nature made garden of Immortelle, Cistus and Lavandin bushes by the Mastic and Oleaster trees.

As a child I used to spend my summers in Ayvalık. Swimming in the turquoise waters and hiking on rocky paths along the coast was an everyday fun activity. With my friends we used to walk along the maquis grows of immortelles, lavandulas and cistus not knowing of their value.

A meeting of Healers

What if an aromatherapy teacher of mine is on that very same path with his wife enjoying the sun fed mediterranean healers. It becomes like healers meeting healers! Thank you, thank you for expanding my awareness that all of Nature inclusive of humans are actually just different forms of healers.

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