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Calling of the Ocean

Morning Darshan and Sun Salutation at the Beach

Morning Darshan

Thanks to the photos of my sister, Ozge Cenberci, an ex-Candy Minimalist :) that the image of Florida in my mind, changed from a party zone to an abode of serenity with pastel colored waters and cotton candy clouds.

I had no idea that my deferred trip to Florida would offer me such sublime beauty. A walk on the infinite beach for the first time was a true 'love at first sight'. The feeling of deep tranquility pervading all over kept calling me for the days after. Every morning I would get up with an urge to go for a darshan of the rising sun over the ocean.

Colors of Different Directions

In the process of painting the 'Vedic Garden' I learned about the colors and qualities corresponding to different directions. Though not completely identical, I realized how true this is, during my visits to the beach. As the sun would get ready to gradually rise over the ocean, different colors would get reflected over white clouds spread all across the sky! On my left would be cooling colors of the North, while the central area of the sky was filled with golden hues over pinks of the East. My right side, the South would warm my spirits up with flaming peachy oranges. And to complete the rotation, I would lift my head up and tilt it backwards for a glimpse of the pearl white moon pinned over the baby blue sky! What a color therapy it was for my yearning eyes!

Salutations to the Sun, the creator of all colors and textures!

Sun Salutation

There is much more to tell about the natural beauty of Florida, but hopefully, for now, my hydrophilic view of it has given you a clue of what is coming up next! I've been working on a Florida inspired series and below are a few sneak peak photos of my recent work 'Sun Salutation' inspired by my sister's color palette . Its high resolution, zoomable, full image is now up on my website. You can view it by clicking on the last image below. Enjoy!

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